meet tinyAxe, digital product studio. we build for results.

We build, run, and sell fantastic software and SaaS projects. We're a small team of experienced product people, designers, and developers. We're based in the North Idaho.

Have a project idea? reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

tinyAxe builds SaaS



The very best sms marketing for your business.

Create, send & manage high converting text message campaigns.

tinyAxe builds apps

The intelligent way to manage and update your HOSTS file on macOS & Windows.


The #1 missing dropbox feature, requested 1,000's of times. And now it's available with dbignore.


tinyAxe builds tools



Bulk generation of discount codes for LemonSqueezy payment platform. Built to scratch interal itch for LTD code generation.

tinyAxe publishes on Steam


Stream your favorite shows from your favorite services, right from the Steam UI.

fitzwilly streaming dashboard